About Us

Nowadays medicine and particularly dentistry are overwhelmed by a series of modern techniques and technologies that provide doctors and patients with options undreamed 20 years ago. At the same time, the information flood and the extremely various costs of the numerous solutions promoted on different channels makes it difficult for patients to choose the best treatment solutions.

Retrieving and maintaining health often involve a comprehensive treatment plan, that can spread over a long period of time and it requires involvement, effort and significant investment from both the patient and the medical team.

Our whole activity has the human been in its spotlight. That's why we focus on the individual problems of each patient in order to offer each patient the most suitable solution for his/her needs and possibilities.


With a dentistry tradition in our family for over 40 years, our team provides a wide range of dental treatments and restorations: crowns, bridges, dental implants, removable dentures, etc.

The Dentistry Department is currently coordinated by Prof. dr. Horia Octavian Manolea, MD, PhD.

Our work is centered around the needs of dental care specific to each patient. That's why in our team we work with a number of specialists in order to provide highly professional services for a wide range of patients:

  • specialty consultations for complex cases with the assessment of current possibilities of treatment;
  • prosthetic restorations on implants;
  • crowns, bridges;;
  • removable prostheses;
  • periodontal cleaning, complex periodontal treatments;
  • cavities treatments;
  • endodontic treatments;
  • scaling and professional brushing;
  • digital dental x-rays.